Sunday, September 30, 2012

Erectile Dysfunction

Causes of impotence

Impotence or, as today decided to call it, Erectile Dysfunction, is no longer considered solely a psychological problem. Sexological research shows that in most cases, erectile function is not only the psyche, but also with the physiology, in particular, with various diseases of the genitourinary system, and physiological features. However, even with the experience of the doctor is not always possible to pinpoint the causes of erectile dysfunction.

That is why the patients were asked to pass a comprehensive examination, including consultation multidisciplinary physicians (sexologists - Andrology, therapists and even gerontologists). Leading experts, sexologists, including the director of the clinic's "Men's Health" Yu meetings, argue that impotence in rare cases may be due to nerve entrapment in osteoporosis. If this is confirmed in the survey, you must, without delay, to begin treatment for impotence, otherwise the patient threatens atrophy of nerves responsible for the presence of an erection, making Erectile Dysfunction irreversible.

Erectile dysfunction can be the result of disharmony between body and soul. Before defining the treatment of impotence, should be fully diagnosed the exact nature of the problem. Effective diagnostic process impotence treatment begins with a complete history of past and present medical and surgical interventions. Also requires a deep psychological analysis. One of the most popular treatments for impotence is the use of generic Cialis soft tabs 20mg before sex!

Prostate cancer

Prostate cancer is a malignancy that occurs from the secretory epithelium of the prostate gland. Nowadays, scientists have not reached a consensus about the causes of prostate cancer, however, highlighted a number of risk factors for tumor:
  • race: the disease is more prone to black race;
  • smoking and bad habits. Cadmium, which is contained in tobacco smoke affects the development of prostate cancer.
  • age: the older the man, the greater the risk of tumor development;
  • eating habits: consumption of large amounts of animal fats contributes to the tumor;
  • heredity: men, whose relatives suffered from prostate cancer, is in the risk zone;
Prostate cancer, which is detected at an early stage and has not spread to other organs, is well treated.
Followed by diagnostic conclusion, concentrate on the hormonal, neurological and vascular aspects relating to the functioning of the penis. And do not forget - increase available in pharmacies, do not always give the expected result! Once the diagnosis is over, the treatment necessary to select potential so that you can start it immediately and in full confidentiality. Result (improvement and sometimes complete recovery of potency), feel after the first visit to urologist.

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